The Black Cat Bones release “Turn Of The Century” Music Video

Great news! The Black Cat Bones have released a brand new music video for their latest single, “Turn Of The Century”. The single is the second offering from their next album, set for release in the Summer.

The Black Cat Bones already started working on the single a couple of years ago. Chris van der Walt came up with the backbone and basic structure for the song when the band was looking for a fresh sound that was bass-driven, allowing the vocal parts to shine in the verses.

The Black Cat Bones - Turn of the Century

Andre Kriel added some melodies on top of that and the song was then moved to the back burner for a while to simmer. When they started pre-production for the new album some months ago, Kobus layed down the lyrics and “Turn Of The Century” was born.

“It’s about where you’ll find yourself when the sky comes tumbling down.”

“Turn Of The Century” is a rough, gritty, melodic and deliciously groovy offering. The song still features the signature Black Cat Bones riffage that one is used to and combines it with some modern twists to the melodies and the overall structure of the song.

The video for “Turn Of The Century” was filmed and directed in April 2018 by Fred van Leeuwen aka ‘The Image Engineer’ at Bernie’s Joint in Pretoria. Andre initially visualised the concept and after a couple of meetings with Fred and the band, they came up with a basic roll-out and storyboard.

Most of the shots were suggested on site, and everyone pitched ideas as the day went on. Fred then undertook the mammoth task of sifting and filtering the best and most appropriate scenes and after a few re-edits, everyone concluded on the final product.

“The lyrics were the deciding factor in the concept for the video whereas the music sent us into the gritty and dark characteristic that it eventually adopted. Fans can look forward to a post-apocalyptic rock ’n roll video with edgy images, great angles and immaculate post-editing!” Andre Kriel.

Check out the amazingly-shot video for “Turn of the Century” below.

I think this is a kick-ass song and video. It’s definitely one of the South African Rock releases of 2018. I’m really excited to hear the rest of the album. If the rest of the tracks are anything like “Turn Of The Century” or “The World’s in the Halos”, I think we should strap ourselves in for a fun rock ‘n roll ride.

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