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Ef-El – Sindikaat


A while ago I featured a song by Afrikaans Rock sensation Ef-El on Running Wolf’s Rant. They have become a prominent part of the South African music scene. Today I’m featuring another song by them. Sindikaat (the Afrikaans word for “Syndicate”) is the 2nd single to be released off their 2008 album Net om die Geraas in te Asem (which means “Just to breathe in the noise”).

Ef-El has been named as 2010 MK Award Nominees for awards in 3 categories. Sindikaat has been nominated in 2 categories. Their first single off the album, Sing My Net Aan Die Slaap (meaning “Just sing me to sleep”) has been nominated in 1 category. Ef-El should walk away with at least one of those MK Awards rewards this year.

This is the video for Sindikaat. The video was directed Michael van Zyl and produced by Helene Nieuwenhuis. Armand van Schalk is credited for the VFX.

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