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Straatligkinders – Kaptein (Span die Seile)


The rock / emo / punk band Straatligkinders (meaning “Street Light Kids” in English) was formed in 2006 in the student town of Potchefstroom in the North West Province of South Africa. The band’s members are Bouwer Bosch, Bennie de Jager, Hein Kruger and Ruan Kruger. To date they have released 2 albums. Bloeisels (translated as “Blossoms”) was released in 2006 and Sweef Soos ‘n Vuishou (translated as “Glide like a punch”) was released in 2008.

I must admit that I did not think a South African Afrikaans Rock band like Straatligkinders would have the guts to cover a main stream South African artist like Kurt Darren’s song Kaptein (Span die Seile), but they did. They did a good job of it as well. I actually like this version more than the original. Being a Blue Bull supporter and a Rock fan at the same time is hard at times. The original pop version of this song by Kurt Darren is a crowd favorite at Loftus. I wonder if management at the stadium will consider playing this version over the PA instead. This song can be downloaded at Rhythm Music Store for only R7 (less than a dollar).

This is the video for their version of Kaptein (Span die Seile):

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