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Jack Parow is “Never Gonna Grow Up”


Jack Parow kicked off his tour in Europe yesterday, but he didn’t want leave us without a little something to remember him by, so he’s released a new tune: “Never Gonna Grow Up” (featuring Riky Rick).

Parow wanted to make something that was easy listening, like the pop tracks he digged growing up, so the new track is a Jackson 5 throwback, but in his own unique style. The chorus is quite catchy: “Never took the time to be a kid back then, Now I’m making up, Never took the time to be a kid back then, I can still remember.”

Jack Parow sings the chorus and the whole song is in English. The song is not on an album and sounds different than Parow’s other tunes. It’s also the first time he’s collaborating with popular hip hop artist, Ricky Rick. His upcoming memoir as told by Theunis Engelbreght, “Die ou met die snor by die bar” (which will be released in September 2015), inspired this song.

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“Theunis started interviewing me for the book towards the end of 2014. We spent hours talking about my childhood and the past. I think this triggered a kinda of nostalgia in me and is partly why I made this track.” says Parow.
The music video shows Jack Parow with crew of younsters spreading havoc while having a lekker time, with no intention to grow up.

“I felt that it was time for a new release. I started rhyming and penciling words down and when I was done I realised that it was all in English. It happened spontaneously and we just started running with the concept,” says Parow.

The legendary Hunter Kennedy (Fokofpolisiekar and Die Heuwels Fantasties) co-wrote the song and came up with the chorus melody and words. “It was so catchy and I instantly liked Hunter’s chorus. He proposed that I give a go at singing it and the rest is history. It still sounds funny to hear myself sing, but they convinced me it’s cool. With the addition of Riky Rick on the chorus, I think it is now sounding great,” says Parow.

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Next week Parow will be dropping his Limited Edition Debut Platinum Edition Vinyl and full details of his tour with his American chommie, Dirt Nasty, will be announced. In the meanwhile, mark the dates on your calendar and make sure that you don’t miss his shows in September:

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