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Photo Album: Fokofpolisiekar @ Firkin, Centurion


Last week Friday @BaasDeBeer and I made our way to Firkin in Centurion to catch a show featuring Fokofpolisiekar and Frankie Fire. The venue was packed to capacity by the time Frankie Fire made their way onto the stage and was nearly bursting out of it seams when Fokofpolisiekar started playing.

Fokofpolisiekar are currently touring around South Africa to celebrate 10 years in the SA Music industry. The vibe at Firkin was absolutely electric during the Fokofpolisiekar set. It was one of the most difficult shoots that I’ve had as a photographer, but it was a bloody awesome gig. Halfway through their set I was soaking wet (thanks to a combination of water, beer and sweat) but it didn’t prevent me from getting my shots and singing along loudly to almost every one of their songs.

I’m looking forward to watching Van Coke Kartel at RAMFest Johannesburg this year and watching Fokofpolisiekar perform at the Parkview Barnyard Theatre in Pretoria on the 21st of March. If you’re planning to go to one or both of these gigs:  See You There!

Check out these photos that I took of Fokofpolisiekar at Firkin in Centurion on Friday below:

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