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New Edisontide Music Video Released


In case you did not know, Edisontide have been around since 2014. This band was formed after Jordi van Dyk and long-time friend & drummer, Bryn Scott, (who won the ‘Converse Get Out The Garage’ Competition back in 2013) were joined by guitarist Joel Kenrick to create something incredible and to pursue their collective love for music.

Edisontide have already notched up some impressive live performances nationwide supporting some of SA’s biggest artists, including Gangs of Ballet, CrashCarBurn, and Prime Circle, and performing at local festivals such as Parklife, Splashy Fen and Park Acoustics. 2015 saw the band perform at The Great Escape Music Festival in Brighton (UK), which is regarded as one of the top festivals for new/unknown artists to showcase their music to some of the world’s biggest music industry professionals. The band performed alongside 400+ acts from all over the world and previous years have seen artists such as Adele, Ed Sheeran, The Temper Trap, Alabama Shakes, and Ellie Goulding perform at the festival.

Great news is that Edisontide have released a new music video for their current hit single ‘Sealion’ (the 2nd single from the band’s self-titled debut EP which is out now on Digital release at https://itun.es/za/1Kt2db.

Front man Jordi van Dyk explains the inspiration behind the track ‘Sealion’ and the concept behind the music video, saying “The song was inspired by author John Eldredge. He tells a tale about a Sealion who somehow managed to find himself in the desert. The Sealion comes to think of this dry land as home but something doesn’t sit quite right with him and eventually he tries to find his way back to the ocean. After all, he is a Sealion. It was something I could really relate to at the time and I thought it was a very powerful story. We took a very simple and straight forward approach with this video. We really liked the contrasting element of dancing in unlikely locations and we also felt it related well to the concept of the song. It was filmed and directed by our good friend Jared Hinde and features the incredible dancer, Gabriel Masango. We had loads of fun shooting this video and we hope you like it.”

Director Jared Hinde adds, “The entire video was shot in a day and it definitely wouldn’t have been possible without Gabriel. His choreography prior to the shoot and his commitment on the day was inspiring. Overall it was a really fun video to work on and we are super keen to share it with you!”

‘Sealion’ is currently charting across national radio and is the follow-up to the debut single ‘The Conspirator’ also taken from the band’s EP. The Edisontide EP was recorded with SAMA nominated and Ghoema-winning producer, Ewald Jansen van Rensburg (who is also a member of SA group Monark).

“The entire recording process was a unique experience for us and we really enjoyed the entire journey. It was spontaneous and driven by what felt right, for each song. For me personally, it was a journey of learning to trust my own instincts as a songwriter and I’m sure I can say the same for the rest of the band. Our producer was incredible and it was a privilege to work with him. In a sense, I’d say this entire EP is an honest reflection of who we are as a band,” comments frontman, Jordi van Dyk.

Edisontide’s debut EP is a collection of 5 incredibly well-written and produced tracks. Dripping with sexy synth pop sounds, songs such as ‘Sealion’ and ‘Au Revoir’ are power tracks marinated in pool of cinematic pop. A delicious serving of musical heaven from start to finish. Final track ‘Paper’ ends the EP off with a slow sensual ballad.

Check out their music video for ‘Sealion’ below:

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