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012 Trading Card Game Cards: The full list


I saw a lot of 012 Trading Card Game Cards on Friday at the launch at African Beer Emporium. I was only there for a little while, but I have to admit that I did have fun. It was great to see some of the Pretoria’s top creative minds in one place.

Kudos to Brent Swart, Spaza, African Beer Emporium and Jagermeister for organizing a great event. I’d also like to give a shoutout to Jono Horny (a renowned Durban graffiti artist) for designing my card.

Henno Kruger - 012 Trading Card Game
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It seems that these 012 Trading Card Game Cards are in high demand. There has been a buzz on social media since Friday. If you don’t believe me, check out posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter tagged with the #012tcg hashtag.

In case you were wondering who has been featured on the 012 Trading Game Cards, here’s a full list:

  1. Henk van der Schyf (2 versions, 1 common, 1 rare)
  2. Lamiez Holworthy
  3. Piet Botha
  4. Katlego Malatji & Neo Moela
  5. Vusi Mahlasela
  6. Robert Pereira
  7. Kagiso Lediga
  8. Kyle Cassim
  9. Arcade Empire
  10. Hatfield Square
  11. Peach van Pletzen
  12. Disco
  13. Richard Brokensha
  14. Misha Loots
  15. Carel Hoffmann
  16. Hanu de Jong
  17. Johan Auriacombe
  18. Jason Hinch
  19. Willem van der Schyf
  20. December Streets
  21. Rudolf Przybylski
  22. Albert Meintjes
  23. Nik Nax
  24. Pluto Panoussis
  25. Theresho Selesho
  26. Gareth Wilson
  27. Bittereinder
  28. Black Cat Bones
  29. Jared Pereira – Jestr
  30. Desmond and the Tutus
  31. Tuks FM
  32. Jaco van der Merwe
  33. Christelle Duvenage
  34. Louis Minnaar
  35. Georgiades Bros
  36. ISO
  37. Nile Crocodile
  38. Hotbox Studios
  39. Tings & Times
  40. Cool Runnings
  41. Zeplins
  42. Thrashers
  43. Park Acoustics
  44. Aandklas
  45. Charl Skippy Steyn
  46. Werner Olckers
  47. Nicol van den Berg
  48. Celeste Theron
  49. We Are Charlie
  50. BraaiBoy
  51. Prinses Greta
  52. Brent Black
  53. Greg Georgiades
  54. Ruff Majik
  55. Chris Rautenbach
  56. Lanie van der Walt
  57. Adriaan Cruywagen
  58. Nqoba Ncobo
  59. Bobbejaan
  60. Puddy Zwennis
  61. Klopjag
  62. Gary Peacock
  63. Michael Bower
  64. André Pereira
  65. The Gate Keepers
  66. Make-Overs
  67. Jacques Malan
  68. Stephan Terblanche
  69. MJ Doktrine du Preez
  70. Trancemicsoul
  71. LA Cobra
  72. Juanne Steenkamp
  73. Niel Groenewald
  74. The Slashdogs
  75. El Rebel
  76. Kyle Cancella
  77. Henry Engelbrecht
  78. Cortina Whiplash
  79. Hellcats
  80. Chee
  81. I Love Ptown
  82. Matt Suttner
  83. DJ Bubbles
  84. Edwin Token Moses
  85. Kat La Kat
  86. Jaco Mans & Dominique Dicks
  87. Christo Baas de Beer
  88. Bernard Brand
  89. Yetunde & Deji Dada
  90. Janie Bay
  91. Nina Torr
  92. Henno Kruger
  93. Tomorrow Never Happened
  94. Ben Rausch
  95. Bea Theron & Wessel Lombard
  96. Maaike Bakker
  97. The George
  98. Ruan Stix Fourie
  99. Rudi Norval
  100. Kidofdoom
  101. African Beer Emporium
  102. Ola Kobak & Jacob Israel
  103. Theo & Kobus
  104. Sheila Madge
  105. Black Coffee Society
  106. Wim Jansen van Rensburg
  107. Rudi Oosthuizen
  108. Khanya Mzongwana
  109. Mr Slipperz
  110. Bianca Brand
  111. Heine van der Walt
  112. Stones

Well there you have it, the full list of people, places, artists and other influencers that have been featured on the 012 Trading Card Game Cards. This list is totally amazing. Word has it that there might be 012 version 2 in the works (or maybe even an 011 version) in the near future.

012 Trading Card Game Cards
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Here are some of my suggestions for 012 Trading Card Game Cards version 2:

  1. Sinkshack
  2. Shaft
  3. McCoys
  4. Legend Frans
  5. Conrad Jamneck
  6. Franco Jamneck
  7. Hoot ‘n Anny
  8. Peter Toussaint
  9. Pedro Barbosa
  10. Christiaan Baartman
  11. Lise Chris Marais
  12. Chris Phillips
  13. Zebra
  14. Craft Exchange
  15. Thirst @ 28 Degrees
  16. Wolmer Rock Lounge
  17. Kobus Van Rooyen
  18. Platteland
  19. Fake Leather Blues Band
  20. Capital Craft
  21. Scicoustic
  22. Ed England
  23. Watkykjy
  24. Saarkie
  25. Louise Pieterse
  26. The Grind Radio
  27. Henk Steyn
  28. Bandustry
  29. Andra
  30. Railways Cafe
  31. Cafe Barcelona

What do you think of my suggestions? Do you think there are some other folks that should be on this list? Leave a comment below and let us know.

If you have some of these cards already, then you’re welcome to trade off your doubles at this weekend’s edition of Park Acoustics (at Fort Schanskop). There will be a trading station.

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  1. Also, two very key people in the industry from the old Arcade crowd…Telani and Tanje, very influential in a lot of things music related in Ptown and Jozi!


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